Library / Biblioteca

Libri da non perdere / Books I strongly suggest

Enterpreneurial / Fare Startup

[ITA/ENG] Gratis / Free – Chris Anderson (qui)
[ITA/ENG] La Coda Lunga / The Long Tail – Chris Anderson (qui)

Design, UX, UI

[ITA] Manuale di Buon Senso in Rete – Alessandra Farebegoli (qui)
[ITA] World Wide We – Mafe De Baggis (qui)
[ENG] Gamification by Design – Zichermann, Cunningham (here)
[ENG] Bootstrapping Design – Jarrod Drysdale (here)
[ENG] Design Virtual World – Richard Bartle (here)
[ITA/ENG] Building Reputational System for the Web – Farmer, Glass (here)


[ENG] Game-based Marketing – Zichermann, Lindler (here)
[ITA/ENG] Guerrilla Marketing, mente, persuasione, mercato – Levinson, Hanley (qui)

This is a growing list: new items would appear by time, new details too.


Give me Your 2 çents / Dimmi che ne pensi

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