Paolo Russo, Postmodernview, Serpentium


paolo speaker 26aprile
Hi, I am Paolo, a complicate human like you.

You can see me as a:

  • Teacher (mostly of my time)
  • Student (learning every day)
  • Computer Science Engineer
  • Photographer
  • Clarinetist (very amateur)
  • Startupper (kinda of)
  • Father (double!)
  • Believer (in what?)
  • Passionate
  • Curious


I’m easily bored , so I decided to go with a simple timeline of stuff, year by year.

1994 – I decided I wanted to make something: my father bought me a Intel PC 486, and I put on it a Turbo Pascal Compiler

1996 – I felt in love with the expression Artificial Intelligence, since then – bought AI (Norvig-Russell)

2004 – I built a neural network to implement a cricket behaviour, on a robot cricket moving in a gray dusty lab (article)

2005 – Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering

2005 – Working as an IT consultant (Accenture)

2006 – Fun in marketing, sales, business plan (Engineering).

2007 – The amazing world of Data Analysis: real estate department.

2008 part 1 I met an awesome korean girl, and three months later I got married.

2008 part 2 – Started playing clarinet.

2009 part 1 First time dad. I know, I know: “For every one born, another one become a father”

2009 part 2 – I got to know that my beliefs about the world, God and everything were kind of protestant-like.

2010 part 1- Rome: bank customer data analysis, product campaign planning.

2010 part 2: Bootstrapping: Late night with skype. No MVP yet.

2010 part 3: I also started my photographer journey, with a Nikon DSLR, some here: Postmodernview on 500px

2011 part 1, April 15th: I became for the second time dad.

2011 part 2, April 15th: The same day I wrote the very first post of my new bloggin story here at The Ugly Truth

2012, Exploring art in many forms, I started now with painting here: Art from ZERO to Hundred – “A story about a guy who didn’t know a fruck about drawing, colors, lines and brush”, but I’m planning to create some sculpture soon in the future, something with old material recycled from bins, some metal maybe.

2012, Design CALL: Learning about Design, UI, UX.

2012, Bootstrapping again: this is serious, this is (going to be) a big project: CAP rapido

2013 part 1, Bible Student: I’m deep into the study of the Christian Bible, learning bit of hebrew, of greek. My philosophy training comes handy

2013 part 2, Bible Teacher: You know “if you want to learn something, teach it” – So I’m teaching most of my time: discipleship, sunday school, home class, over a coffee, during my dreams, to relatives, to friends, to myself

2013 part 3, Bible Writer: Couldn’t find a decent blog in italian, so I made it one for myself (ITA – if God)

2013 part 4, Praying: Never did it this so seriously, it helps, it becomes a need. I’m not alone anymore


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