The God of Flatland

I realized years ago that I am a 6-points polygon, an hexagon. In my society 100-points (they look almost as circles) are kings, triangles are warriors, and 2-points segment are women.
I wake up every morning trying to stretch my edges, bending them, so that maybe I can become a 7-points polygon, and after two years of training, I achevied it. Now I am working for a top manager position that requires 8 points.

One day, a bad day, my entire life was destroyed.
That day, while I was working on my daily routine over one edge of mine, I realized that there is something above, and something below. I use those terms, without a fully comprehension of them, but the are what you call them. And then, I realize that I can grow up, and grow down, and that my new size, the volume, is infinite times bigger than my previous sizes: perimeter and surface.

Now I no longer look for that job position, neither to bend a new point, but only to a taller size and spacer volume.
My friends don’t undertand me anymore, no one understands me anymore. They made scifi stories, parables, and jokes from my words, but nothing further than that.

I always imagined God as a one perfect circle, and now I am bigger than that. I have to made a choice before I die: do I believe that God doesn’t exist anymore, that I am a god, or I switch to believe in a new faith where God is a perfect sphere?


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