I Hate my Parents – review

I had this schocking feeling for too long, and now I have a book that tells my story. It is from Coupland, same author of Generation X and Generation A.

The book is Life After God:

We are the first generation raised without God. We are creatures with strong religious impulses, yet they have nowhere to flow in this world of malls and TV, Kraft dinners and jets. How do we cope with loneliness? Anxiety? The collapse of relationships?
How do we reach the quiet, safe layer of our lives? In this compellingly innovative collection of stories, bestselling author Douglas Coupland responds to these themes. Cutting through the hype of modern living to find a rare grace amid our lives, he uncovers a new kind of truth for a culture stuck on fast-forward. A culture seemingly beyond God.

I find myself in this short summary of the last story of the book1,000 Years after God“:

1,000 Years is the tale of a group of childhood friends. It is the longest story in the book. It is narrated by a character named Scout. The story illustrates where each character’s life takes them, and their individual searches for meaning. Scout moves away from society, and into the wilderness. He is searching for meaning, or religion, or a connection to God. One researcher has noted that the characters in this story hold “a tacit resentment against the parent generation for” the neglect of not having instilled in them a measure of faith and that this “story in particular, can be read as thematizing the young generation’s quest for an alternative narrative of faith.”

Do you feel the same?
Pls. share it with other lost children, like us.


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