#YOLO, or you can’t kill me twice

I finally discover that YOLO means You Only Live Once.
Interesting isn’t it?

Ok, there are four men in a bar: an atheist, a buddhist, a christian and a philosopher.
The atheist opens fb on his iPhone and take a selfie with his three friends. They are having good time, lot of beers, jokes and good finger food.


The atheist tags the picture with their fb nicknames, and puts a #YOLO after those comments.

“what is that?” asks the philosopher
“what?” says the atheist
“that #YOLO thing”
“ah! YOLO means You Only Live Once. YOLO man!”

The christian guy, takes his cross out, from under the shirt, kisses it, and with contempt looks at his friend “poor soul”

The buddhist looks at him and just laugh “I heard this joke many other times, in another life. I guess I will hear it again” . He laughs at his own joke.

The philosopher meditate a little bit “I wonder…mmhhhhh”

Later on, the sirens of the cops are getting louder, while the philosopher drinks the remaining of his cup, and those of his friends.

“what happened?” the cops ask him.
“#YOLO, officer”
“what?” says a cop with the handcuffs
“#YOLO, you know? You Only Live Once.” keeps saying the philosopher “my atheist friend was sure of no afterlife; nothing to lose”

The cop “are you confessing it, so?”
“I’m explaining it” says the philosopher “my christian friend was at the top of his faith, with his cross held in his hand; he is back home. #YOLO

“can you give me his home address?” asks the cop
“ahahahah” laughs the philosopher, “#YOLO, you know? Anyhow, my buddhist friend didn’t even laugh; he heard this joke in so many lives, that he didn’t care anymore. He may be a plant, or a bird”
“you are crazy” says the officer “you better come with us on your feet. Right?”

The philosopher cries a single tear “I don’t care”
“why?” asks the cop “who are you?”
“me? I am a philosopher in my spare time” answers the philosopher “but I own a company in the IT and medical field. I recently invented a new process that is going to change the world”
“what is that?” ask curiously the officer
“a machine, the size of a fridge, that takes one drop of blood from the customer, and with 30 days reproduce an exact clone of the customer. It has a chip, so you can control it. If it doesn’t obey you push the button and it dies.
And anyway in 6 months it expires and dies naturally. Basically is a no-soul slave, for your home chores, or else

“what are you talking about?”
“why?” says the scientist / philosopher “why, you ask? I killed them, all of them, they deserved it. Those religious people are not buying my invention at all. And I’m losing all my money.”
“that is why you killed them?” asks the cop.
“maybe” says the scientist “or maybe because they all cheated me with my wife in the past year”

The cops bring him out, handcuffed.

A man sitting next table, swallow the last drop of his drink, while watching all the scene. He stand near the trash, and throws a small remote there “good job my friend whispers the scientist “good job. You deserve your next 6 months of life. #YOLO.”


Give me Your 2 çents / Dimmi che ne pensi

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