Stand up, talk to the audience!

Good morning class! what a classic way to start 🙂
This post has no purpose, no meaning at all, is just a quick story. It is very post-modern if you wish, without any claim to be ethical, instructive, or even care about punctuation …,,, ; ; ;

Ok, I was in Durban, at DUT, a very colorful university. It was a great experience, and a moment to find how different cultures, languages and histories can be placed under the same roof.

The Media, Language & Communication Dep was the perfect place to explore a lesson with a South African – swedish married – lived in USA and a Swedish student (who speaks mandarin and french) and a Italian guy – korean married.

I am the Italian one, as it is visible in the next image (you may see my hands waving while I talk)
Talk with hands

We introduced ourselves, and after my “Ciao mi chiamo Paolo, vengo dall’Italia“, I was greeted with a warm “Hello Mr.Ciao
Capture attention
I judged that it would be easy to spot my name in the italian sentence, but it wasn’t. Not really, Mr. Ciao!

First topic we handle was gender-related.
How do you interact with objects? Sounds silly maybe, but it can be interesting when you discover new cultures. In fact, I tried to explain that even tough we have the english concept of it, we still relate to objects as if they are either masculine or feminine. Why so? I don’t know, but in my textbook was never a issue. And I studied from him for many years. Oops, is it a masculine-gender object, your textbook?

I ventured in drawing, talking, waving and explain myself, and after some laughs, we got their full attention and interest.
Draw whatever

As usual, I learned more than I taught. And this is the reason why I love to stand up, and talk.
wrap it up


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