South African Colors

I was wondering what kind of colors I am going to find in south africa, and here I am. We are visiting a city called Bloemfontein, and after they received us with a very hot welcome, we went to a visit to an high school.

First time ever they get to get my name spelled right – Paolo not Paulo!

What kind of colors, do you expect to find there?
I find the yellow very energetic. It calms me down, doesn’t put me to sleep, and it looks cozy at time.

It is just time to knock, and the Principal greets us with a strong handshake, which lasts longer than I want to admit. Why am I so unsettled by a man-man contacts? Why so?
He laughs with a baritone voice, smiles with an infinite number of white perfect teeth. And he looks so confident. I admire him.

It is the right time to go out, and check other colors.

The weather is beautiful, the perfect combination of sun, wind, soil; my camera sends me a message “thanks buddy for this perfect setup!

We are walking around the school, and a loud sound tells us that is the end-start lesson time. Everyone move to the next class.
What colors do you see?

I love bricks, I love blue, I love yellow.
Isn’t it great? Sky, sand, metal, glass.
And kids are so cute, with their uniform, sparkling blue, yellow.
Can you notice the colors I am talking about?

What colors do you see?


We walk to the music class, and they just start to sing for us.

The choir-master is a huge guy. I have the feeling I saw acting on tv before, but maybe it is just someone else that looks alike.

He is charming, he put out a smile which wires energy to the kids.

Ready? three, two, one.


Do you like it?

Winks, smiles.

Sopranos are singing like birds.

Bass, with their low frequency voice, couple with sopranos, giving depth to the melody.

Tenors and altos sustain all the song, filling gaps, spaces, and tuning the mood. They dance, they jump, they perform.
They are way far from other choirs I saw in my town. BRAVO.

We clap; someone cries because the lyric (“let’s celebrate south africa all together…”).

And then they close the class.
Just joking.

We walk back to the office, and by the way we check out a class.
What else you want to see in a school?
I miss the old time, with chalkboard, my time in elementary school.
20yrs passed already?


Back to office. Can you tell it?

We chat for a while, get snacks.

Indoor colors are darker than outdoor ones, but my lens is still able to capture what I think it matters. Do you agree?
Do you like all those colors?

When the meeting is finished, we pack, greet, hug, and go to the car.


And while we drive out of the school, I am so full with feelings, with colors, all those reds, yellows and blues. I guess everything went smoothly and nicely.

I don’t know what did you like, but I have the feeling that there was something I should have noticed, and I missed it.
I check my shots, and I wonder.

If you may tell it, tell me.


Give me Your 2 çents / Dimmi che ne pensi

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