Why is my son such a jerk?

I got a car, it drives fast, very fast.
It looks great, it is comfortable. Music ON.

One day, suddenly my car leans slightly to the right. Why now?
It keeps veering to the right. More.
I stop the car, go out, check it.
SURE DOES that! I exclaim, when I notice how big, strong, full of air is the tyre on the right side. Too strong, it takes control of the car, I guess.

I decide to lower the tyre pressure. Lower, lower. Still veer to the right. Tired, I finally get rid of that tyre. A new one will work better.
Veer right, still.
Maybe I should just stop using a tyre, and hold on the other three.

Does it sound stupid?

Because the real problem was (look the picture) in the left tyre. It had low air pressure, and it couldn’t keep it up. Weak, sad, old tyre.

And yet…I see a kid acting aggressive. He takes all the toys from the other children. He doesn’t play with the toy he gets. So angry boy. Why so?
And people tell me it is because his personality. Angry parents maybe?
What can we do? Nothing. You shrug your shoulders.

And I wonder why we look at the right tyre.
It isn’t right (Silly pun, I know).

Where is it the left tyre?
I wonder and ask if the boy has a sister or a brother. He hasn’t.
Does he go to kindergarten, or any playground? No, sorry, we are too busy.
Does he behave socially with other kids? No, he doesn’t speak, he is shy.
Can you find now where the left tyre is?
You say attention? need of friends? social life? friends?


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