Once a year, moving from one side to another side of the earth (a documentary)


20140324-165931.jpg18 hours of flight may result with unexpected consequences, in really low self-respect; often just shame pics.
A good example, after 4 hrs flight, 2 kids, 1 diaper changed, and a high number of cup of coffee.
It proves how much we value our pride, our reputation. Just one step away from a long flight.


Once we arrive in the country, we receive our monopoly money, and we settle with a set of tall gray buildings.


But Love is always around, and sometime even from the back. You can’t appreciate ever enough the commitment of a mom. Any mom.
In the darkest moment, she is there. She always will. Love never fails, never falls, or whatever translation you like from 1 corinthians 13:8.

The beverage she produced, was crazily healthy, so I cannot describe the color, because for a well-known law of nature: healtier it gets the food, stronger the shade of soil that emerge (brown/green).


Even the lion rests, but not the son of the lion, as anyone who watched The Lion King knows well.
The camera shutter speed is strecthed to the maximum speed, to get the tiny moment when time stops, and children are still running to next prey to attack without mercy.

The friend of my friend, is my friend. The enemy of my enemy is

After many years of experience with third-countries relationships, international agreement, we as human race have learned an important lesson: if you want to escape a fight with two enemies, just put them face-to-face on a table. They will take care of themselves.
So we did it.
It escalated pretty quickly, so we gave the, different turns.
It worked for a while. Till we rediscussed the duration of each turn.
A simple huh was the answered we got. Well-mannered.

The end of the documentary

20140324-172450.jpgNow it’s time to have healthy food again. Hope not too much healthy, because I am curios about other colors on my dish.
And we will keep one eye open always, because they…they are watching us!


Give me Your 2 çents / Dimmi che ne pensi

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