The best skill you’ll ever learn: 21

It is the blackjack with timer. Simple.

Blackjack – normal

The game is pretty straightforward.
I give you a card from the deck, a face value from 1 to 11. Cards from 2 to 9 have the same value written on it. The Jack, the Queen or the King values 10 points. The Ace (1) can be considered as 1 point or 11 point, depending on your choice.

You get a card (or two), and you can ask for one card more as long as you want.
If you make more than 21 points, you lose immediately.
If you want, you can stop it and count your score.

LIFE LESSON: You can gamble, to raise your score, but you cannot acquire forever money / points / experience / credits / theory, without using it against your enemy


  • I will study more, before I am ready to teach it.
  • I need more time, before I play / perform /show myself.
  • I get a master, and then they will hire me. No learn-on-the-job underpaid

Blackjack with fixed timer

The game of blackjack with a countdown, so you cannot decide forever your next step. It means Blackjack + stress.

LIFE LESSON: It relate to real life situation, where you don’t have unlimited time, to decide what to do.

EXAMPLES: like normal Blackjack, in a years-time situation, like a new degree, a 5 years loan, a new industry.

Blackjack with semi-random timer – repetitive games

The game of blackjack with a countdown.
But this time the countdown may last a minute, or an hour, or just few seconds. Each time the countdown gives you a hint (a color, a style, a name), so that in the future you may guess how fast it goes. Plus, the countdown change its expression to adapt to the remaining time.
Your enemy may have a different countdown.

LIFE LESSON: This is exactly the game we play, and we should be able to win everyday. People are different, situation are, and each time we should value how many more questions, or resources we can ask before they close our budget, or cut our relationship (cold calls?)


  • How many s. Valentine or anniversary I can forget before she looks for another lover?
  • My client let me ask questions around his company, before I complete my assignment. But if it takes too long…that is the last time he asks me to.
  • A deal can go on for a while, and you never know when it’s too late to stop
  • I can search for the right religion forever, almost, reading Holy books, attending churches, temples, mosques, study groups. But when it’s my time to go, it’s my time.
  • Any relationships, healthy relationship, is based on checking the timer, and trying the best to win our happiness. And if you score less than enemies…they get your relationship. But you cannot overscore, or it is not healty anymore.

Do you want to succed in life? And after?
Play Blackjack, add a timer, make it random.


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