Who are you?

A table with comparison of worldviews: where are you?
I may find what I believe, and what the society want me to think. You?

Age of Reason Modernism Postmodernism Neomodernism
Religion Monotheism Deism/Pantheism/Atheism Nihilism Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
God’s role in creation God is Creator There is no god I am God “God” is “creator”
Truth Absolute Relative Self-determining Relative
Power Church Government Totalitarianism Knowledge
Perspective God-centered Man-centered Community-focused Self-centered
Techonology Birth of modern science Pro-science Antiscience Pro-science
View of nature God’s handiwork All there is Able to do whatever Spiritual force

Give me Your 2 çents / Dimmi che ne pensi

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