8 thoughts on “Atheism should be not

      • Yes. It look ridiculous. However, inverting a symbol to express disagreement is a legitimate and recognised method of communication.
        However, because someone does it, you have assumed all atheists do it.

      • I thought I didn’t express the idea “all atheist” think alike. Maybe I didn’t focus on who is the opinon from, so I understand your remark.
        Again, I really love the energy of Alain de Botton in Religion for Atheist, to focus on what is the meaning of “Believe in Atheism”.

        I consider a truth “everyone has religion, whether he know or not”

      • I find that idea is based on a very nebulous and controversial definition of religion. The traditional definition of religion tend to refer to Gods and practices. Atheism has neither of these. Do you use a different definition of “religion”?
        Your reference to the inverted cross as a “symbol” is what gives the impression that you believe atheists are in some way united on this idea.
        (Is English your first language?)

      • I love when the discussion moves to “let’s define the term we are using”. It gives a new fresh level to the discussion.
        I don’t like religion, as a simple/complex system of ritual to follow in order to access a reward.

        Maybe I should phrase my thougth as “no matter how, you anyway worship something; whether an idea, a god, a system of beliefs, or ourself”
        (sorry for my grammar…I’m Italian mother tongue)

      • If you use Google to define the word “worship” (you can do this by typing “define: worship” into Google) then the definition again makes reference to a deity.

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