Can you get more money, just because you choose now it right?

I love a not-so-famous paradox (Newcomb’s paradox) which I think is related to the theory of compatibility between Free Will and Predestination.

I strongly feel that a selective atonement or a general atonement is connected to the possibility that we have for REAL a free will VS an apparent free will – like the theory that you truly choose which master to serve (God or Nature/Sin) but then you are slave to your master for your apparent decision (your directions are not freely chosen).

I love this paradox because you can solve it easily when you decide which force is stronger:

  • God’s decision before the time, no matter what we decide (weak free will)
  • Our (strong free) Will in choosing which path to take, even if God’s plan will work out anyway

The story is more or less told this way:

God (or something alike) tells you:

1. Here are two boxes, A and B.
2. I put 1.000$ in the box A
3. I put 0$ or 1.000.000$ in the box B, depending what you will decide
4. You have two option, you can choose the box B, or you can choose the box A and B
5. I know what you are going to decide
6. If you will decide only B, I put 1.000.000$ in the box B; if you will decide A and B, I put 0$ in the box B
7. DONE, box A and B are ready, with their content made. I am not going to change what I put inside them.
8. CHOOSE (if you think you have choice)

So now we have the two theories/paradigms:

[Weak Predetermination + Strong Free Will]
Box A and Box B content are already there in front of you.
God is not going to change their content, He promised.

– If B has 0$ inside, choosing B means 0$, choosing A+B means 1.000$
– If B has 1.000.000$ inside choosing B means 1.000.000$, choosing A+B means 1.001.000$.

Clearly A+B gives a better result in both cases, so you logically should choose A+B and get 1.000$ more in each case.

[Strong Predetermination + Weak/Apparent Free Will]
You are going to decide B or A+B.

Because you believe God knew better, if you choose B it means He had put 1.000.000$ there.
If you choose A+B it means He had put 0$ in B.

So obviously it is better for you to choose B

Which is your choice (if you have one)?

Hope you may like this paradox.


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