Sex & The Bible: thanks God, thanks for the joy!

I’m reading this book: Augustine versus Luther on Sin, Sexuality, and Salvation

Just good as it sounds!

I want to share this page, beautiful if you never read so.


Infirmities—Concupiscentia Carnis, the Dis-Order of the Day

(Augustine) The change that occurred in Adam and Eve’s physical bodies after their disobedience resulted in a permanently flawed human race. What changed in them is now part of the fabric of a defective human nature. Concupiscentia carnis always fights against the will, but in its sexual manifestation, it rules the will and results in sin.

Again, Augustine is careful to say that the sex act itself is not sin. He draws a fine line between the two. The sex act itself is not sin, but it provides the means by which original sin is passed on to children since it includes concupiscence. Concupiscence, an inseparable part of every sex act since the fall, is the vehicle for the transmission of original sin. So, while Augustine is careful to say that sexual intercourse itself is not a sin, his understanding of concupiscence and its role in the transmission of sin makes it virtually impossible to separate them.

Even in Eden, Adam and Eve would have had sex for the purpose of procreation, but Augustine’s perception of what sex was like in Eden is vastly different from what is experienced now. He suggests four possible scenarios for sex in Eden: 1) lust reigned supreme, and Adam and Eve had sex “as often as ever they pleased”; 2) lust was controlled when sex was not necessary for procreation; 3) lust was switched on when necessary for procreation; or 4) lust was nonexistent. Augustine eliminates the first two choices, saying one makes sex slaves of people and the other makes them insane from resistance. He favors the fourth option, but admits the third choice would be moderately acceptable in his theology.

It is not the act of procreation that troubles Augustine, but rather the unbridled nature of the act and the self-gratifying pleasure that results

Augustine bolsters his linkage of sex with shame with the fact that couples engage in sexual activity privately. They innately know that there is something shameful about the entire enterprise. Even “virtuous married people are ashamed” and carry out their business in private


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