panic attack forever and ever

Do you know what I’m talking about?
No!!! not the medical term, not the linguistic definition. Screw you wikipedia’s reader.

Do you KNOW it? Like breathing heavy, you can feel it, feel the presence of the oxygen. And a certain small possibility that something is going to go wrong happen and destroy your [put whatever here] for ever, without hope. That’s it! No hope.

Do you hate it? Do you want to be healed?
No cure. Not here. Not now. Did you KNOW IT?

WHAT IF I tell you that you are scaried to stop one minute, one hour, one morning; stop and think about your life, your achievements, your future, your hopes. And beyond. What about after you die.

WHAT IF you are just scaried to STOP and experience this PANIC ATTACKs?
It is called LIFE. Question it. Ask a friend.

And then, Live Freely. For real, for once in your life.

Ps. If you want to read some italian words…just move to SeDio and enjoy yourself


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