a ToE is not on your foot, but everywhere

As a nerd I’m always fascinated to any scientific book, or any attempt to explain how EVERYTHING works as a whole. See holism.

Today I want to share a book, namely “Who Made God?: Searching for a Theory of Everything

The author is a PhD in material engineer, plus a biiiig brain as a scientist. Appreciated man.
The book is so simple and complete, that I find it a perfect companion for when I have hard time to explain how science and faith can coexist.

I hope is it legal to quote a small part of the book, so:

there are three particular questions that are seldom asked (and therefore seldom answered) but which lie at the heart of the whole debate about the existence and nature of God.
1. Why is law so ubiquitous or universal throughout the cosmos?
2. How do laws originate—who makes the rules?
3. Why should we care anyway?

I love you, if only because the third question.
Now back to finish the chapter.

See you.

Ps. ToE is Theory of Everything.


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