The Evolutionary Need of God?

From New Reason To Believe Magazine, No.1 2009 (here the link to pdf) an interesting question:

Celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins has gone further, arguing that belief in God is a mental delusion caused by a malfunction in the evolutionary process of the human brain.
He dismisses all religious beliefs as simply the result of a defective “mental virus.”

Attributing man’s false religious convictions (from the naturalist perspective) to the evolutionary process, however, only adds suspicion to Darwin’s original doubt.

If evolution is responsible for humankind’s virtually universal religious impulse, which from a naturalistic point of view is patently false (and even pernicious according to Dawkins), then human history shows that false beliefs about reality have promoted human survivability more than true beliefs.

But again, if evolutionary naturalism can cause a person to believe that which is false (such as religiously oriented beliefs) in order to promote survivability, then what confidence can evolutionists muster that their convictions are reliable, true beliefs?

And if evolution cannot guarantee true beliefs in a person’s mind, then how does one know that belief in evolutionary naturalism itself is a true belief about the world?



One thought on “The Evolutionary Need of God?

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