Dreaming the Connected Home: Sit on the Couch and keep Control of Everything

You are sitting in front of your TV set, while watching the last fresh action movie. The hero bombs some bad guy, while your iPad is off, near the couch. Suddenly it turns on, and 3 notifications get your attention.

  1. The air conditioning system from the bedroom says it is scheduled to warm the room in 10 minutes. The movie you are watching on your tv-set would last another hour, so it is asking you “do you want me to be suspended for about 40 minutes more?
  2. The coffee machine sends a message saying “ready to prepare coffee, tomorrow morning at 7.00am. There is just two shots left on
  3. The 5 sensors around the house sent their hourly set of measures: (20 degrees, 30% humidity, lights off, noise level outside about normal value)

You answer to the air condition system in a few clicks, then you forward the message from coffee machine to your personal office email (remind tomorrow to buy more coffee). And keep enjoying the movie.

Do you like this story? Do you know it is possible at a very cheap price? Let’s dig more in.





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