Get In Control of Your House Now

Your house is awesome, I know.
You spent a lot of time and money to make it cozy, cute, clean and comfortable. Right?

And it is filled with dvd, Tv, computers, and all the electronic device you can afford. Plus fridge, oven, microwave, and so on.

And you love looking around and see how great you did.
Wouldn’t be nice if you can also control it and use, and manage, while you are at work? Or travelling? Or anywhere?

Soon, it’s going to happen. Thanks to…


This is the picture people have when anyone says let’s automate your house. Scary. Do you agree? And why?

Because, like any other device, it’s a pain in the ass trying to connect it, prepare it, make it ready to use. Unlikely we don’t have a computer science degree, do we?

The new idea is to connect everything through the web.
Yes, you heard it right. The web! (ok, maybe it is the hyperweb…)

Isn’t it simple?
Well, for you should be. For people building it, doesn’t matter. But it must work painlessly, smoothly and quickly.

Isn’t it beautiful?
Yes, for everyone of us. Imagine you can check your home temperature, humidity before checking out from work. Then schedule heater to raise the temperature to suite you when you arrive home.
Even better, your fridge can send you an email, reminding what to buy on the way to home.
And this isn’t science fiction. Just normal nerds, coding happily for you.

I’m excited. Do you?
If you want a spoiler, check it here at LELYLAN, and wait to receive your future dream app, to use and abuse completely of your awesome beautiful home.

Btw. if you have any other dream, tell us in a comment, and let’s send a feedback/request.

And let’s see what comes…

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