Reboot: 6 steps to Be Happy, in Shape, Rich and with a Lovely Family

After 30 mins running with a soft pace, I stop in front of the beach.
Fresh air, beautiful landscape, smell of fish. Sounds of wind.
I breath fully, and relax 5 mins before to start again.

And suddenly, I realize that I have a wonderful family, great job, I achieved happiness (temporary, right Kierkegaard?). I got a house, love and someway enough money. And I’m getting in better shape every morning.

How did this happen?
Here 6 steps and some advice for you.

20120116-063907.jpgLet’s see how I did it, before we check what you should do:

  1. Education: After high school, I made a list of all topics I liked and I was good at. The list was in order of like: Philosophy, Math, Computer. And then I thought: “Philosophy won’t give me food, Math maybe less money“. So I went for computer. And I studied as much as possible, not just for the exam. BAM
  2. Languages: To graduate, I had 3 ideas: 1.Internal thesis, 2.External enterprises project, 3.Foreign exchange article. Guess what, I decided English as second language was far more important than pre-enter in a local company
  3. Location: Born in sicily, like I was, it’s challenging. You enjoy life, and sea, and mountain, and life. But work? I’m sorry, not for everyone. So I moved immediately to the closest city were jobs are available, Milan. Gray, foggy, ugly, fashion, quick, Milan
  4. Stability: My father worked 30 years for the same company. Career? Slowly = stable. I changed 3 times employer in 3 years. 1st worldwide consulting company, to 1st Italian IT company, to a national bank. And everytime condition I asked was 50% more than my annual paycheck.
  5. Family: 6yrs relationships didn’t work after all. We were in love, but like great friends, not like lovers. And we broke up. Big deal. Few dates, nothing perfect. Then I did something I didn’t know was the great trick (thanks Allan and Barbara Peace): I listed in my mind everything I was looking for in a girl. As soon as you focus/visualize your target, it just appears everywhere.
  6. Shape: I just decided I couldn’t buy anymore bigger pants. Time to run. So at 5.20am I got up and runned. To the sea.

Now let’s if all this steps can apply to you. Let’s consider every single point and see what keeps you far from achieve it.

  1. Education: I am sure You always wanted to be a … (fill the gap). What keeps you far from this? Not money, not time, not brain. The fact is you think you are too tired, it’s always so late, maybe next yearWrite your EVER SINCE DREAM down and print a picture of the best professional in the world. Stick to the wall and look at it every day. And (re)-start university
  2. Languages: Chinese? Russian? Arabic? Spanish? French? You name it. Do you know you can learn a language in three months? Sure you do. Everywhere on internet they say so. But let’s say that you’ll learn in one year. Is it ok? The keyword is MOTIVATION! I have a Eiffel Tower printed, and I’ll learn French. Ouì.
  3. Location: Comfortable where you live? But where are the great money, the biggest opportunity for you? So move it! (Madagascar singing…)
  4. Stability: Before you get 60, you can always change! My parents lived 55 years in Catania (big city in sicily). And then they moved without a second blink. Because their children setup far out of sicily. Hard, for sure. But better than meeting their kids once a year.
  5. Family: Decide your most important 10 values. Mine were chatting, love for kids, watching tv series, high education, old fashion family values, no sports, no dance, no clubs. What are yours? List them and you’ll find the One
  6. Shape: Easy. Just decide you cannot take it anymore. Whatever it is, Fatness, Mating, Family picture. And then remind you every morning why you are doing this. And Do It (no, Nike isn’t sponsoring me)

Here 6 simple advices. Unfortunately they are not for free, but you cannot pay to buy them. You should spend 10cents for a picture, 10 minutes for a google search and miles and miles of energy and consciousness to keep it running.

Ready to go?
What’s your biggest goal?

And then run!

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