IDEA #3 – Smart TV – Expensive TV

Did you see this new tech tv?

I love it, I love the idea, I love the possibility.
I don’t love the price to pay for it.

I want it for 100$.
Here it is how:


Pick a wifi module, buy a cable, put a bluetooth or a IR sensor.

Mix all together with a nice CHEAP processor.

Hire a smart graduated guy, to code for you a few modules (see the picture).

Cook all softly and sell it for under 100$, to use with ANY TV.
Ready for internet.
Ready for 50$ TV.
Ready for you.

And cash for all of us.

I found a piece for the overall system in this article TINY COMPUTER FOR KIDS where they introduce this new PC idea RASPBERRY PI

Future AWESOME possibilities are just one step further, like this app for iPad: IntoNow, which can guess what you are watching on Tv from the audio coming out. What if they can have also the video flow? Anyway, this could add much more fun to the device!

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4 thoughts on “IDEA #3 – Smart TV – Expensive TV

  1. This is the reverse IDEA #3 – Smart TV – Expensive TV | What? The Ugly Truth journal for anyone who wants to assay out out most this message. You notice so often its nigh exhausting to contend with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been transcribed almost for eld. Good choke, just extraordinary!

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