Teaching #2 – Pursue Your Goal, than Stop

Nonno Bizzio said:
Many people pursue something, and then they look for something more. Never happy, never enjoy life

Nonno Bizzio mi disse:
Troppe persone inseguono delle mete, e quando le raggiungono, insoddisfatti, ne cercano altre, in vortici di grandezza. E non sono mai felici.

—————Here a story for curious people—————

My father was happy and smiling all the time.

Even under heavy circumstances, economical failure, sickness, loss.

One day he tried to gift me with his secret formula: be happy with what you got.
And be sure to decide what you want to achieve, and then achieve it!

Since then, I noticed how many people get unsatisfied with 3times my paycheck, 5times the love I can get, 10times the luck or friends.
Because they cannot stop, pursuing something bigger, asking for more more more.

Greedy, you say?
No, it isn’t. It is just human nature.

Crack it and you’ll find peace, all the beauty you need, all the money, friends, love and food to satisfy you.

And be sure to enjoy it then.
Not later.
Not later than your life ends.

——What is the Teaching section about?——

During my life I faced many challenges, and I found very easy to solve them, because my father told me soooo many things during my childhood.

Now that I’m too a father, I know how big deal it is.
And I’m too lazy too spend the same time, talking over and over, explaining this common sense to my kids.

So I thought that maybe I can collect here, for them.
And maybe also for you.

Thanks to my father, here called Nonno Bizzio, the way his grandchildren call him.


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