You’ve WON and You didn’t know

You put a lot of effort on your ideas, whether is a fb page, or mouth-to-mouth campaign, or through gift, calendar, free hugs.
And then?

What feedback do you get?

Often nothing.
I got despaired sometimes.

Quick win story

I recently started a fb fan page to support my church, because I felt the plain old website was just a passive way to comunicate.
Page opened, now what?

I started writing sum-up of sunday’s sermons, as a remind of what was the message about, just few days back.
To stress more the importance of it, to span it longer in the week.

None. I mean one guy clicked the ‘like’ button few times.

Despair. No success.
Too much effort, for nothing…

I won but I didn’t know

One sunday like many, after service I was talking to some people:
“Nice your tablet. Works well for you?” a guy said.
“Great, great. […] and I can update my blog wherever I am. Also the RBC(Rome Baptist Church) fb page. Do you know we have a fb page?”. I waited for surprise or no-care-at-all face.
“Yes, sure. I love the tuesday re-cap of the sermon” he said naturally.
Now was my turn to be surprised “Ye…ah, sure. Nice right? Ehm…”

He knew I was updating it on tuesday!
Here it was the feedback I was looking for.

You are a WINNER

Later I tried again to solicit feedback from people, about other activities I put a lot of time into.

And over and over the time, I can tell you that we almost never waste our time.

But, there is a but.
I’m curious guy, so I did on my own a statistics about of big is my influence over people. And here it is the second surprise.

You can WIN more when you do the good thing

My surprise come from how to win more and more.

  • Marketing my blog about Proximity Marketing: 1% success of my time
  • Marketing my photography: 10% success of my time
  • Marketing my ideas: 1% success of my time
  • Marketing my faith: 50% success of my time
  • Marketing my church: 100% success of my time

My personal conclusions are:

  1. I’m no better writer about faith over proximity marketing, so success doesn’t dipends on my writing style
  2. The comunity I addressed with my writings is random sparse over world, over timezones, so language/time doesn’t matter
  3. Topic matters, because people are hungry for answers. World is changing, world is scaring. People need to know about salvation, which is possible for anyone
  4. My photography is better than my writing

2 thoughts on “You’ve WON and You didn’t know

  1. :)) Sei un grande Paolo!! è la pagina fcb di RBC (anche se devo amettere che io non ci entro spesso su fcb) mi piace un sacco!

    • Grazie, è un piacere immenso ogni volta che riceviamo un like sulla pagina fb di rbc. E quando qualcuno mi ha detto che ci hanno trovato su fb e sono venuti in chiesa… che forza!!!

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