How to Fall in Love 10 Times a Day: essay on street photography


Have you tried street photography?

If yes, do you know what I’m talking about, right?

If not, you don’t know what you are missing out!

I’m quite scared to go around with a 35mm and shoot a close portrait. I know people cannot seriously harm me, but I get nervous and often scared to get a broken arm or a bruise.

So far I tried with a long lens (55-200mm), setup at the longest end, so I can snap a picture and play safe. But doesn’t sound fun, in fact it doesn’t.


I saw this gorgeous girl from entrance, so I followed inside the Pantheon (Rome). Time I spent to figure out where to shoot her and how to set my settings, I already knew so many things about her.

She is shy, comfortable with her figure. She knows she is attractive but she doesn’t play with it. She knows men are looking at her big deary-deery eyes, and that’s why she used that make up, but she doesn’t feel that staring her is harming her beautiness or consuming it.

She walked about 50 meters around, checking paintings, windows and sculpture. Careful, focused, interested in. She glanced sometime at me, but slightly, letting me ask “did she notice me?“. No answer.

At the end, before I could bend on my knee and ask her to run away with me, she looked the ceiling. Light was kissing her face, her hair stopped in motion, her big eyes wide open to catch all the details they could get.


I shoot that precise moment. One second before she was beautiful. One second later she was still beautiful. But that moment, that very moment she was a perfect lover, loving the light, loving the camera, loving the pose, loving herself, loving us all.

We can see this picture, because I share it, but we cannot undone the past and go back in time to experience it.

If you play street photography, you know what I’m talking about.

If you don’t, you should try.

I cried inside, because all my dreams: having a big house, running on a beach together, making 3 or 4 children, loving her deeply in the dark; they were all suddenly gone.


I had my picture.

You have now.

So let me ask you a question:

Won’t you fall in love?

Won’t you pay anything to smell her hair and touch her soft skin?


Won’t you pay anything to smell her hair and touch her soft skin?
I wouldn’t.

Because today I discovered that i can fall in love every ten minutes. I was in love with my next street-photography-model. And this time it will work!

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