Teaching #1 – There It Is Just One

Nonno Bizzio said:
There are many women, all right for you, but you can make happy just one of them

Nonno Bizzio mi disse:
Ci sono tante donne che possono stare bene con te, ma tu puoi farne felice una sola

—————Here a story for curious people—————

One day I was very nervous about my new girlfriend.
She was nice girl, cute and kind, simple and gentle.
Not exactly fitting my education, my desire, my needs.
But she was well mannered, good person.

And she loved me so much, she considered me a great guy, smart and interesting, lovely and kind. So?

I asked my father if was a right idea to dump her.
I felt very bad, I thought was a quite ugly thing to do.

And then he told me the #1 teaching I want to share.

The important concept here, a concept I used all my life, can be explained in:
LOVE should make happy both.
You can be right one for the other, but this is not enough.
The other one should be also right for you.

——What is the Teaching section about?——

During my life I faced many challenges, and I found very easy to solve them, because my father told me soooo many things during my childhood.

Now that I’m too a father, I know how big deal it is.
And I’m too lazy too spend the same time, talking over and over, explaining this common sense to my kids.

So I thought that maybe I can collect here, for them.
And maybe also for you.

Thanks to my father, here called Nonno Bizzio, like his grandchildren call him.


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