5 Questions, a Non Believer Has

My journey since I was born, it was like walking on a wide sidewalk with religion on one side and atheism on the other side. I had relatives very religious and relatives very agnostic, if not totally atheists.

I wasn’t interested so much, but my curiosity let me explore possibilities, like: pantheism (Gaia is alive), buddism, humanism (another Gaia, on a smaller scale?). I wanted something simple, to feel not alone, to feel my life is not pointless.

The questions burning in my head were this kind:

  1. is there any meaning in human life (meaning)?
  2. should I respect laws and moral codes (morality comes from punishment)?
  3. should I care about environment (improve the world)?
  4. should I care about future if there is no god (live the moment)?
  5. what is the meaning of pain in life if there is no reward (justice)?

I studied a lot of math classes, physics, logic. Later I choose engineering studies, so more logic, more math. All was driving me to conclude there is no way to prove God existence, therefore it shouldn’t exists (Occam’s Law).

I was still on the sidewalk, in the middle of two opposite views, without choosing one.

Later I discovered the concept of paradigmas: is an environment where everything is correct if based on the paradigma itself.

Let’s say is a space, where, if you act accordingly to the local law, you receive all supports. All questions have the answer. And the answer is always right. Within the local space.

I looked years for a paradigma to fit my not-so-believer mind. But still many of my questions were left without a deeply satisfying answer. Couldn’t make a paradigma right for my 5 questions.

Someway on my journey I decide to give a try to religion, specifically a christian protestant view. The occasion was some random encounter and still the curiousity. What really drove me was the happy discover that many little questions could be answered within the christian paradigma.

It wasn’t anymore like: Faith means we shouldn’t ask this but believe” or “Science cannot explain/see this, therefore doesn’t exists”

More and more, letting me enter in the new paradigma, I found an answer to all questions. The process anyway brought new questions.

Here my new list, still messing with my curiosity:

  1. why a God which cares for his creation, would let people believe in different religion, if this means heaven for one and hell for others (meaning)?
  2. am I really repent or I just declared it, as a formality (faith comes from fear of hell)?
  3. how can I find the purpose of my life, to serve better (improve the world)?
  4. how can I deeply believe in afterlife, with my heart, and not just with my mind (live the future)?
  5. I trust God and pain doesn’t matter in this life or I trust God not to face the pain I see in this life (justice)?

As you see, there is always space for doubts, as long as we look for a deeper understanding.

Probably I would suggest to myself, ten years ago, this tip:

“even if you don’t know the destination, never stop looking around you, putting question. The journey matters a lot, not just the arrival. And you don’t know when it is scheduled.”

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2 thoughts on “5 Questions, a Non Believer Has

  1. Great questions. I wrestle with them myself. In response to your fifth question, I would like to share this passage from Scripture:

    “Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting. He who goes to and fro weeping and carrying his bag of seed, shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.” – Psalm 126:5-6

    God does something better with our pain than to shield us from pain or even to give us hope that one day it will be over so it doesn’t matter. Rather, he causes the fruits of joy to grow out of our pain – our pain makes the joy all the greater.


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