How to Get 1.000 of Likes

crowd of people hocering around a monument
There are three ways to get it:

  1. using sex
  2. using money
  3. using time


At my favourite photo social network (500px), people with nudes have 10 to 100 more likes and visits. Why else?


Few dollars and you can buy online ads. Quick and dirty. It pays off.


I use to think that my work would pays itself off, without marketing. Wrong! I changed my attitude after I tried my own experiment. For you:

  1. find a forum or blog or news website, talking about some topic near your interests
  2. post interesting comments (or about sex jokes)
  3. wait comfortably for people to come over

I turned from one like / ten visits per week per picture to 10 likes + 5 favorites / 50 visits per week per picture. How? Spending my precious time, visiting neighbourhood and commenting their work. With brain.

You can do too.
Try and let me know.


Give me Your 2 çents / Dimmi che ne pensi

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