6 TOP local stories

First day off and my little 5-months-old baby doesn’t sleep, so I got up at 6.00 am to feed him, and I’m already ready for news, rss, and blogging.
Today opening Zite I selected “local search” topic, hoping to read at least one interesting news and TADAH! so many appeared.
Here top 6 stories and some thoughts about what is going on.

  1. Loku wants to beat Yelp and Google at local search
  2. Zagat is about content local
  3. Inergize launches Seek it local
  4. Amenities local search
  5. Crowdsourcing new apple local search
  6. Getit making local search cool

So what’s really going on?
Reading stories highlighted, I feel some potential is coming, but still not yet. You can see, they just talk about local directories, local search, local objects, local results. But still, they are using same old techniques for the global features, on this new market: the local market.

Like many leaders in the past have done, the right path is “Looking a something old with new eyes“, while here they use old eyes for the new market.

My solution: start from the bottom, with no ideas what to build or how. Just asking to the REAL shopkeeper at the corner of your house: “What would you like to comunicate to your local customer, to your potential-near-your-shop-in-need-for-it customers?
And from the answers, let’s build the right solution.

Here I say I love INTRANETs. I think it is not so far from the need of shopkeepers and small business. Some local solution, hardware+software, which they simply plug in and use. Without fuss, without the need to connect to ALL the world.

Just to their local, near, customer.

The one who let them pay the bill at the end of month.

Ps. My son is sleeping now. But probably in a few years he will expect to find this kind of solution, to shop locally. It’s not matter of when or if you build it, it is just matter of which one he will use. Think about it, before it is too late.


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