More money $$$ with less clicks in 5 steps

More gadget I get, more time I spend with them. In them. This is not a bad thing, if I wouldn’t cut the time from other activities called “social”. Actually social!!!

shop sign: expensive or cheap?

I watched one TED yesterday about the bubble filter is happening around us, which we don’t notice. The speaker told us that all of sudden he discovered some friend were not appearing anymore on his facebook feed. Why? Because the filter machine decided who and who not was likely to be clicked by the author. And clickability is kind of $$$ for the facebook business.
Eventually the speaker said we should ask back our freedom to see and interact with stuff:

  • we don’t like
  • we don’t care
  • we don’t want
  • we don’t expect

The new formula is:
less clicks = less money (apparently in a short term) = more happy discoveries (serendipity) = broadening interests and connection = more valuable clicks

How can we achieve this?

  1. Lowering our defense (internal and external)
  2. building new systems
  3. new connections
  4. jumping far with our browse time
  5. trying new things for more than 5 minutes.

And you?


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