QR code: hopes, dreams, delusions

I decided to check once more about QR code, because sometime, you know, you are talking about random tech stuff and someone toss out:
“What about QR code? Cool, eh?”
And that’s the moment you should say something more than:
“Yeah, I think so. I heard this story… “

i like qr codeHere some interesting link on what and how people/company are trying to use it:

What do you think?
Here the lesson:

  • Many are using QR code as a easy way to implement their Geo Localized service
  • A few critics (me included) prefer to wait for a more robust solution, like NFC or RFID, to satisfy the local real-time needs
  • Some companies got this chance to use a new technology as a excuse to make some new buzz. Useless, temporary, just marketing
  • Worse than critics, there are fully skeptics, like I was: we hoped to use this new marketing tool and we find really lame experience on the way. Don’t despair
  • It’s possible to success with QR code, you just need the right customers, or country, or idea (and because my wife is korean, I know what I’m talking about)

What do you think now?

Hot or not?

Tell us your choice in a comment, or share another story about the QR world.


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