Death and QR code? The ultimate marketing tool

QR code is something magic. We know it, now.
So after sex, what else can we associate with it? Death, you said? Really?
And would you bet it has stronger impact than naked women?

old man says goodbye to a child, before it happens...Here I talked about SEX and QR code, as a final marketing tool.
I thought was really the ultimate tool, but it seems it is not.

Here you can read about the decision of some guy to be eternally remembered through internet.

So why are we talking about this?
First because there are not involved some naked woman, but something that raises anyway sales over the world. Death.
Second because they are using QR codes, the new ULTIMATE TOOL TO SAVE THE MARKETING!

In this story, the owner of the code is not certainly the guy getting $$$ from the idea. But people selling ads on pages that show this story, they are getting some.

So the point for you is simple:

1.QR code is a beautiful old idea, used and abused.
2.Marketing still believes on cash=ads, so more the story gets readers, more the marketers get money for their loans.
3.Death and Sex sell always. No matter what.

Sadly, I hoped tech was a revolution.
Sadly, you are finding how there is no revolution yet. Just a change of name.

See you soon on more QR stories, if relevant.

I spent my 5 minutes after writing this post to check some jokes on internet.
I compared this time with the time I spent after the post on “SEX and QR code, as a final marketing tool”.

I can just say there is a winner between Sex and Death.
And you know.
Don’t you?

If you have some idea on another use of QR code, which sounds crazy… tell us! On a comment.


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