I dream a special wi-fi for us

horse-powered pulling services
Inspirational is every single day if you can find something to dream about (or to be scared about).
Here (CLICK) they talk about some location-based marketing.
Dreaming the PULL Marketing. Don’t be scared.

Sorry if the linked-post is in Italian, but maybe is for you a good excuse to plan that trip you dreamed through Venice, Rome, Florence…

Cutting to the chase, let’s define pull marketing some kind of ads related to the current geographical position.
They listed 10 examples:

  1. Mobile apps
  2. Mobile search
  3. Mobile Adwords
  4. Foursquare
  5. Facebook deals
  6. Directory apps
  7. Google places
  8. Wi-fi ads
  9. Voucher apps
  10. Localized ads

I love the 8th one: WiFi Ads, don’t you?
Think about it just for one moment.
You are sitting somewhere: at a restaurant, in a bar, at the disco; you enjoy your meal, a snack or a dance.
And all of a sudden you receive someway:

  • a message telling you about last 10 pieces of cake discounted
  • the news of 6p.m. new cool events, going to happen just in 20 minutes, while you were thinking to go out because you were bored. Cocktail and music, the way you like
  • a contest to guess who’s the singer. Prize “BE THE DEEJAY FOR 10 MINUTES

Won’t be cool?

Unfortunately the kind of communication we have wifi is the logo of McDonald when you connect in a McDonald, selling you some McDonald product.
Just boring.

I dream a Mobile App (1) without the check-in-pointless-feature (4) with the power of social intelligence (6) to help out in my decision, powered locally through the wifi (8), maybe sometime with some discount or deal (9).

What about you?
If tomorrow someone makes it, will you be, pleased or scared, to interact locally using your powerful mobile technology?



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