I can tell where you are! BTW exactly now you are…

Maybe it’s because I’m reading a awesome book about a fiction-future-world where we are so connected that we live there more than here; maybe because I gave up my online privacy time ago but I still feel free from my GPS location privacy; maybe I’m just FREAKING OUT when I imagine my girlfriend following me while I visit my favorite electronic shops.

Today reading through some online news, I found this article about a new SCARY plan to overrule the world: ”Mainstream Location App Life360 Hits 3 Million Users: Here’s Its Disruptive Plan”.

They are planning to make your position available through the carrier connection.

Example about you zooming around a porno area

So let’s say you are in Amsterdam. For a weekend trip.
You told your mom you are going to visit the beautiful cathedral near center.
And she’s curious to see where it is. She doesn’t remember what’s the name of the church, so she decides to locate you and check online some flickr photos.
And when she looks on loocle, she find you near the more famous Red Light District.
You keep telling her you’ve got lost. But she keep smiling and sobbing to you.

Does it sound funny?
Sounds scary to me.

What should we do? (1st stage: try)
I tried to use some GPS-location-aware features, like gowalla and foursquare, mostly because I was planning a new revolutionary not-GPS-location system. It was fun, just a little.
Then, one of my friends, asked me what book I bought two hours ago: he knew I was in my favorite bookstore because my iPhone app posted on facebook that I checked there.

What should we do? (2nd stage: refuse)
I stopped to post on fb my location.
Now I feel I’m free to look around, gazing at stuff I cannot afford, I cannot have, I can just dream.
But I’m the only one to know that, if you don’t tell anyone.

What should we do? (3rd stage: accept)
Probably nothing. We are lost in the evolution of our society.
Depending on your age you could discover that:

  • Over 50: buy a smartphone and don’t write on my personal fb page!
  • Over 30: soon or later you’ll give up your location-privacy. Accept it now or ”Be ready to be assimilated. Resistance if futile”
  • Over 20: complete the college, fight for your ideals, became 30
  • Under 20: you are born already without concerns; your first photo was online before you could manage to speak, your hands cannot hold easily a pen but you can use the keyboard quicker than your father. Don’t care about this blog

What should we do? (4th stage: what were you talking about?)
Sorry, I was checking about a girl I like: she’s taking a bus, seems going to the big mall, near center. I better go before she checks out.

She was kissing some stupid weird guy. Shit.

Meantime I would spend my day reading news and delaying the project about the not-GPS-location system. I’m still scared to be the first REAL creator of loocle. If it is not too late to stop it.

What do you think?

Do we still have time?
or Are we too old to change it?

Let us know!

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