A good idea is…being local

If you skim through the awesome world of the blogs, you’ll find some rare ideas, no matter where you decide to surf toward.
Recently it appeared a social network app, like this one, where the concept of focusing is very high. They care about:

  • typography
  • photography
  • location(phy)

What can you make from this three ingredients?
The answer is nothing.

Seriously, if you studied Set Theory, you remember what an intersection is: if 3 girls out of 10 are blonde and 5 girls are model, you cannot find more than 3 blonde models in the group.
So, given that just a small percentage of people is interested in the aesthetical world of font, how many people can be interested in typography+photography+location?
A very small percentage (consider also how many use an iPhone).

But against all the facts from math and statistics, they are going to make it. No, sorry, they already made it! And maybe they are right. Because they added the last, and final ingredient: location.

This is more a magic substance, another layer, powerful, more than a simple component. It destroy the limit of math, all boundary of statistics, multiplying the interest and usability of a “niche offer”.

Believe what they say, you’ll love it, just because is local, near to you. It’s a kind of shift from the global-vapor-cloud old internet, where you see it but you don’t feel it, to a local-real-proximity new socialnet, where you see it AND you can touch it too.
Because looks real. To you.

Sum up is simply said with their words:
“There’s no end in sight to the location-based apps being developed for mobile users”.
Probably, is it still true without some limit:
“There’s no end in sight to the location-based apps being developed for mobile users”.


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