Ads that I Wish I could see/click/play

I’m one of many, like you, that never click on an ads on internet.
Here an interesting article for you, titled Sick of click, showing that “…a tiny fraction of people ever click on an ad. In fact, 99% of stable cookies examined never click on an ad.”
That’s not at all surprising. We never click on them, right? So, how can you make it better, make it clickable?

In the same post the author suggests how, at the beginning of the internet era, there was a big hype about the possibility to have interactive ads. It was the revolution, the shift-paradigma change in the marketing field. And it was not.

It was because interactive is:

  1. More human like (alive and dynamic)
  2. Playable (you know the gamification trend, don’t you?)
  3. Fun, as much an ads could be
  4. Fresh (update enabled)

Whereas the old fashioned paper commercials are:

  1. Artificial
  2. Not interactive (so predictable)
  3. Boring, boring, boring
  4. Fixed forever

This is the theory and, unfortunately for you, just a theory. In fact we rarely see something interactive, but rather it is just clickable. Therefore you don’t click it.
Sorry, you should and you can’t interact. Just can’t. So far.
Otherwise you’ll click and play and enjoy and, ultimately, interact.

Some online ads already are going further on this direction, but we still are waiting for a common shared platform where to interact 100% with the content. No more commercial, but useful material.
Some steps ongoing are:

I love the article about QR, because it depicts my current mood about QR code, when it says “QR Codes A Temporary Fix”. That’s how I feel about it. Nice tough, but not the definitive solution.

(Tip) I’m working on a project to make this common platform ready and so far we got a temporary name for it, grammarly wrong, just for the sake of how it sounds in italian: Askame. Would you suggest any better?

Meanwhile, try to imagine how you’ll be happy to get what you want, where you see it, when you have spare time to check, with all the details comfortable (your house nearest shop, interactive list of You need because/You don’t need).

And you can talk to it, asking what you want to know and discovering what YOU need to know. No more unspeakable specification word like HDMI. Simply your friendly-neighbourly-ad would ask you: “how big is your room?”
“More or less 4 meters by 3 (score for the european metrics; booh to inches, miles and feet: they stink)”
“Nice! So I suggest to get a big plasma tv (see 1). Cheaper, bigger and not eye tiring”
“Great so. Which way?”
“Sorry dude, I’m just an ad. Look for TV section somewhere in the shop :D”

Soon in the shop.
(*)I apologise for the not-interactive post here. You should wait for the upgraded version.
(1)The choice of plasma over lcd is just fiction, I’m not a plasma fun at all and you don’t want listen me about the unended dispute over it


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