You look at it, but you dont see it. The WEB it’s over…you

Today is sunny, yesterday was gloomy, and forecast saying tomorrow may rain. Three different days, but they have something in common: the web.

Did you notice it? Every single day of the last few years, I skimmed through news and magazines, only to see articles talking about the web, whatever they are gossip news, tech posts, startup ideas or conferences.

But then I got tired. I tried to breath deep, to count from 1 to the number of facebook users, I swear I did.

Basicly I moved through all the follows:

  • join the trend,
  • smiling,
  • waiting for someone else noticing it,
  • laughing,
  • trying to understand what was wrong with me,
  • smiling nervously,
  • asking if My point of view was that wrong,
  • shaking my head,
  • being indifferent

But then one day I woke up full of energy and I decided to act, so I’m:

  • explaining what I see to close friends,
  • laughing again

And then I finally decide to put this thougth on-line, on the web, just because it’s fun.
For me. Because I’m really big fan.

I loved, and still love, the way internet let us connect and share the flow. I dare who says ‘the web is dead’. I think it’s just shouting loud to get attention. Got it.
The fact is we are in a kind of web bubble. And I dont need attention, I’m beloved father, husband and son, so I already have day&night care.

I mean the web is that kind of bubble, like chewing gum, growing fast and faster because we are putting in it all the dreams we have and always had; we dream a world of all friendly people, without war, without ignorance, peaceful and lovely. And when we wake up we discover someone hasn’t sleep last night to put on an Amazon cs/213whatever db:

A new revolutionary internet service, the AllFriendlyPeople-noWar-noIgnorance social network

  • There is the app in the app(le) store for your iPhone (iPad’s: suckers!)
  • There is a future app planned for your android device (you’re not a loser, just a dreamer).
  • Sign for the beta, we’ll send you all the news, from our blog.
  • Dont forget to follow us on twitter!

You can see it now, right? Not yet? I’m talking about the Web-as-the-Messiah philosophy!
The bubble is here, now. The good thing is it won’t explode, so dont worry about injuries. The bad thing is it will collapse with our dreams, so be worried about distress.
Now I feel lighter. I’m happy I shared my concerns.
See you.

What? It’s not clear yet? Really?
My apologize (soon also my apologize for the android users).

Ok, where was I? Ah, there, that bubble.
So, the internet is a wonderful tool, especially to make the glocal word a meaningful word. But like a screwdriver it’s a tool you can’t use to hammer a nail (I know someone does it too, they are Unix users. I’m big fan. Of screwdrivers I mean). Internet cannot make us live our life, because we are social animals. We need to hang out, outside, in the real world. If the web helps us to find the right street or the coolest pub, well done! Finally then, we must not screwing it (up) and we should nail it (figuratively talking).

Unfortunately I see social networks growing from nowhere every day, promising to connect us more, to help us manage our life, to give us ways to share our daily life moments; when the truth is: we dont have anymore a life, because we can’t have time for both.

I would say again: I’m big fan of internet. Just because I dont want you to get me wrong. I cannot live without it, I’m addicted to global/local news and friends. But I’m not anymore satisfied with it. Something missing. An there it is my new flame:

    It’s a mix of local interaction, real feelings, social behaviours, technology (of course! We are not going back to middle ages), and also achieving goals.

I know sounds naive, but I seriously believe that one day we could see peace over the world. Therefore I guess we can make some smaller steps before that day. And this step is getting back on the trail of live our true life.

I have a name for this project, but I’m still looking for a better way to spread it. Do you have any suggestion?
Sum up is:

  1. local (dimension)
  2. feelings (real life)
  3. social interaction (behaviours)
  4. technology (accelerator)
  5. win something (real goals vs virtual goods)



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