Lean strategy

Everyone nowdays know about agile development, lean startup; it’s kind of a fashion of our days. But it isnt something so new; truth is that finally people decided (???) to trust the stranger.

The great revolution of internet, of cheap technology, of almost-zero cost to connect, of exactly-zero cost per byte (read content), is the discovery that people have a brain. Before this revolution, each of us thought he was a special person, one different among humankind.

Internet has freed our chains: anyone now can produce content, talk, interact, express, comment, vote, like, report, hate, attack, bookmark, skim quickly but without end. This has let some Person (everyone has a brain doesnt mean everyone use it the same, therefore i reserve capital P to some awesome brain) to notice a dynamic that today we call the long tail (thx Chris Anderson).
The fact is simple: infinite production without artificial limit brings out everything, or almost everything. As usual there are pros and cons.

Pros: many people could and should have my idea, so if we connect, if we share, then we can build it quickly, better way, cheap, more complex, better quality and still – MAKE MONEY. All of us, not just the first (i hate you Bell, in italy we made the telephone, first!).
Cons: we must find others, talk to them, share, basicly filter the infinite possibilities to look for match. It means something more subtle…we must trust others.

Here is the catch. TRUST. Like the famous “in god we trust”.
Could we? Should we? Do we?
And answers are: yes, yes, not yet – not completely

The tail eats the head. Agile development, lean startup: they are the “new” philosophy, the old-finally here- philosophy. Let’s accept the tip and share, then share, then share more. It’s not a lose-win game, but a win-win more one.
Because we have a brain.
Even you, i know it.

And now i shared my methodology with you.
Im not losing anything, you know it.


Give me Your 2 çents / Dimmi che ne pensi

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