What? The Ugly Truth

No beliefs doesn't mean Don't believe

Sex & The Bible: thanks God, thanks for the joy!

Sex for Augustine is not wrong, but it brings bad consequences: what???

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August 12, 2013 · 3 Comments

No ABSOLUTE, but assumptions

A rare example of honesty, from The Trinity: Evidence and Issues the non-Christian begins with his own set of presuppositions. He assumes that his first principles are a priori truths. … Continue reading

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when you read a book, mind yourself

I noticed how these days the books I read are so sad, moody. And I’m sad and moody. Before I used to read happy ending stories, I can’t find anymore? … Continue reading

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do you notice the cute moment, or the fat (neck) guy?

I love the color, but I hate his stiffness, I love the umbrella, I hate their style, I love the cute moment, I hate his hair I love the flowing … Continue reading

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panic attack forever and ever

Do you know what I’m talking about? No!!! not the medical term, not the linguistic definition. Screw you wikipedia’s reader. Do you KNOW it? Like breathing heavy, you can feel … Continue reading

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no way I’m going to tell you

By the way, who killed JFK? Do we know it, now? We should, after so many years, wars, changings, right? And we are still talking about WE SHOULD UNDERSTAND GOD, … Continue reading

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Enterpreneur spirit: BUILD

I am watching the series Little pretty liars and it is full of suspence, mystery and moody. And obviously Pretty. But what do you do then? You enjoy it, right? … Continue reading

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a ToE is not on your foot, but everywhere

1. Why is law so ubiquitous or universal throughout the cosmos?
2. How do laws originate—who makes the rules?
3. Why should we care anyway?

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What If we compress all the [66 books] of Bible in [66 paragraphs]?

The Bible as seen through the first verse of each book: a Story here and there

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se Dio é tutto, deve essere anche bello, brutto, divertente

http://SeDio.it un post al dì per 365 giorni

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Il braccio corto e la luce spenta

Cerco il bicchiere sul comodino ma non lo trovo.
Sei sicuro che sia lí?
No, ma mi secca…

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The Man Who Died Three Times

Two brothers, a similar life, two different stories.
Who will win death?

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Here the truth:…

Whoever speaks it

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The Evolutionary Need of God?

An interesting question:
Celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins has gone further, arguing that belief in God is a mental delusion

April 23, 2013 · 1 Comment

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