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IMPRESSIVE list of Local Based Social Network

Here a link to an IMPRESSIVE list of Local-Based Social Network, click to go through HERE Here my previous Draft About these ads

About these ads
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Nuovi Business in Piccoli Quadranti

Oggi vorrei ri-bloggare questo articolo di Vincenzo Cosenza, su “Dai luoghi alle persone: i social network temporanei di prossimità”. Articolo conciso (raro trovare qualcuno così bravo in questa arte dimenticata), … Continue reading

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Dating on the street? Easy with QR t-shirt

Ok, watch this video and tell me how cool could it be. You go around and SNAP! A picture of that girl, and you add her as friend on facebook. … Continue reading

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Proximity Marketing via Audio

Proximity Marketing via Audio

Another awesome way to interact locally with people

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Dreaming the Connected Home: Sit on the Couch and keep Control of Everything

You are sitting in front of your TV set, while watching the last fresh action movie. The hero bombs some bad guy, while your iPad is off, near the couch. … Continue reading

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HyLoMo is addictive

Right, 2012 is coming soon, so: 2012 predictions!. What I love? The Hy(per)Lo(cal)Mo(bile) thing. I knew it, I love it. We’ll see it. Happy new year… Related articles The year in … Continue reading

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“Hey, give me something interesting” she said to a Siri iPhone

Great news: Siri Boosts Location Based Services An excerpt you’ll like: [...]He said Siri could be combined with Foursquare’s Radar function, which pushes out information to users based on their … Continue reading

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I want IT, NOW, HERE

I need to pee… I need to poop… Today a new service let you find the closest bathroom, here.

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Here an article stored on my ReadItLater from TechCrunch, written by NINA KHOSLA. I want to quote this part: “We need to build products that don’t just allow users to … Continue reading

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Real Time Offers to LOCAL CUSTOMERS

From springwise, an interesting article about proximity-mobile-marketing, here: iPhone App sends Real Time Offers. I’d like to quote them from their tumblr blog: “Businesses can rely on it to get … Continue reading

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I love to hear some post which confirms my ideas. Sure, who doesn’t? Today I’ll just share this article about LOCAL INTERNET MARKETING. I think the article itself doesn’t add … Continue reading

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3 New Future Ways 2 SHOP: local IA, proximity marketing, totally connection

Imagine one day when you can walk around, receive updates of local shops’ deals and offers. 1 – Free Products Deals&Offers New product brochures saved automagically on your device. No … Continue reading

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1 NEW Local Network: see people nearby

No surprise that there is need of LOCAL CONNECTIONs. After FORUM (networking by same interests), after FACEBOOK/Myspace&friends (networking by past real connections, like college or elementary school), after MSN/iMessage/SKYPE&friends (networking … Continue reading

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6 TOP local stories

First day off and my little 5-months-old baby doesn’t sleep, so I got up at 6.00 am to feed him, and I’m already ready for news, rss, and blogging. Today … Continue reading

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