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No beliefs doesn't mean Don't believe

The best skill you’ll ever learn: 21

It is the blackjack with timer. Simple. Blackjack – normal The game is pretty straightforward. I give you a card from the deck, a face value from 1 to 11. … Continue reading

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Enterpreneur spirit: BUILD

I am watching the series Little pretty liars and it is full of suspence, mystery and moody. And obviously Pretty. But what do you do then? You enjoy it, right? … Continue reading

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Idea #4 – Get Payed to Teach: a Funding Model better than Kickstarter

I often buy book from logos.com and amazon.com, but since I discovered the logos.com Community Bidding Price, I’m so addicted to play and buy through this engaging method, that I … Continue reading

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Per Natale una Agenda Digitale!

Leggi l’articolo… Leggi l’articolo…

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Il secondo posto, che non mi sta stretto

“Ho un progetto che nessuno ha mai fatto”
“beh ci sarà un motivo, no?”
“NO, lo faccio lo stesso!”

October 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

fi.co #2-#15: bello, travolgente, non per tutti

Il Founder Institute è solo per tipi tosti.
Io mollo, ma ringrazio. Dovete provarci!!!

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fi.co #1: Sputami, frustami, così produco meglio!

Scuole per startupper…l’idea che non si può rubare, la passione.
E 80+ ore alla settimana

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Complicazioni all’italiana: Cambio Casa, e lo dico a tutti

Giusto perchè ho cambiato casa e regione solo una decina di volte negli ultimi vent’anni, riflettevo come e quante aziende dovrebbero semplificarmi il cambio di residenza. Il telepass mi suggerisce … Continue reading

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2 Modi per Leggere in 2 Minuti un Articolo

TESTI COMODI – a colori Oggi ho svuotato i miei post da leggere con l’RSS reader dell’iPad, e mentre pensavo che mi erano rimasti ancora 266 articoli da leggere di … Continue reading

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Dreaming the Connected Home: Sit on the Couch and keep Control of Everything

You are sitting in front of your TV set, while watching the last fresh action movie. The hero bombs some bad guy, while your iPad is off, near the couch. … Continue reading

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A Intuitive/Natural Live Instruments Mixer for Music Lovers

I sit at a concert hall with my wife, which is able to distinguish a Violin from another one. I’m not musician at all, I just play sometime with my … Continue reading

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Get In Control of Your House Now

Your house is awesome, I know. You spent a lot of time and money to make it cozy, cute, clean and comfortable. Right? And it is filled with dvd, Tv, … Continue reading

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What’s coming from the Future?

Love to see these 10 future possibilities. I believe a LOT in the 1st, 9th and 10th Here the full pdf report and here the tumblr/blog post: next 10 big … Continue reading

January 7, 2012 · 1 Comment

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