What? The Ugly Truth

No beliefs doesn't mean Don't believe

Children’s lesson are (not) overrated

children songs are written for those children inside old adults who don’t listen anymore

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Oh God, we got 4 enemies against us: moral, feelings, knowledge, faith

Whenever I hear, or read about the Blood of Jesus, I feel itchy, stinky, disturbed. I don’t like blood, nor the smell, neither the taste, or the color. Do you? … Continue reading

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Can you get more money, just because you choose now it right?

I love a not-so-famous paradox (Newcomb’s paradox) which I think is related to the theory of compatibility between Free Will and Predestination. I strongly feel that a selective atonement or … Continue reading

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Sex & The Bible: thanks God, thanks for the joy!

Sex for Augustine is not wrong, but it brings bad consequences: what???

August 12, 2013 · 3 Comments

No ABSOLUTE, but assumptions

A rare example of honesty, from The Trinity: Evidence and Issues the non-Christian begins with his own set of presuppositions. He assumes that his first principles are a priori truths. … Continue reading

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a ToE is not on your foot, but everywhere

1. Why is law so ubiquitous or universal throughout the cosmos?
2. How do laws originate—who makes the rules?
3. Why should we care anyway?

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What If we compress all the [66 books] of Bible in [66 paragraphs]?

The Bible as seen through the first verse of each book: a Story here and there

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se Dio é tutto, deve essere anche bello, brutto, divertente

http://SeDio.it un post al dì per 365 giorni

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Il braccio corto e la luce spenta

Cerco il bicchiere sul comodino ma non lo trovo.
Sei sicuro che sia lí?
No, ma mi secca…

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The Man Who Died Three Times

Two brothers, a similar life, two different stories.
Who will win death?

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The Evolutionary Need of God?

An interesting question:
Celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins has gone further, arguing that belief in God is a mental delusion

April 23, 2013 · 1 Comment

Il mio (anti)eroe preferito è ancora Giobbe

Sono vent’anni che non smetto di chiedere: Perché vedo cose brutte che non dovrebbero mai esistere? Le risposte ci sono, solo che non mi piacciono spesso. In vent’anni credevo di … Continue reading

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Se sono tutti pazzi, tu sei?

Il potere delle storie è di convogliare tramite una immagine, un concetto o un pensiero. Si parlava di come sopravvivere in un mondo che pensa differente…e mi sono ricordato del … Continue reading

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