What? The Ugly Truth

No beliefs doesn't mean Don't believe

Once a year, moving from one side to another side of the earth (a documentary)

THAT SHAMEFUL MOMENT 18 hours of flight may result with unexpected consequences, in really low self-respect; often just shame pics. A good example, after 4 hrs flight, 2 kids, 1 … Continue reading

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The best skill you’ll ever learn: 21

It is the blackjack with timer. Simple. Blackjack – normal The game is pretty straightforward. I give you a card from the deck, a face value from 1 to 11. … Continue reading

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Triste epperò vero

Triste epperò vero: 11 illustrazioni che lasciano l’amaro in bocca

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Who are you?

A table with comparison of worldviews: where are you? I may find what I believe, and what the society want me to think. You? Age of Reason Modernism Postmodernism Neomodernism … Continue reading

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Children’s lesson are (not) overrated

children songs are written for those children inside old adults who don’t listen anymore

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I always considered the root of all the problems in…ROLLING ROLLING…family!!! What? Whatever you do, you have a responsability toward someone else. And if you ask “whom?” means he/she won’t … Continue reading

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Cercasi URGENTEMENTE innovatori in italia. Offersi lauta mancia.

PESSIMISMO E FASTIDIO La pecca di leggere notizie in inglese, è il pessimismo cronico nello scoprire quanto vanno avanti le tecnologie (e tutto ciò che è connesso) rispetto al bel … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth: We all know our culture puts a premium on good looks – does that mean that the ugly are oppressed?

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Qualcuno, non qualcosa

Dopo aver contato le sciocchezze che pensavo di raggiungere nel 2013, le cose positive. Rivedendo i bei momenti del 2013, ho: parlato in pubblico in una piazza, in inglese e … Continue reading

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Cosa pensi il 30 di dicembre?

Chiusura dell’anno, conta tutti gli errori del 2013.

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Oh God, we got 4 enemies against us: moral, feelings, knowledge, faith

Whenever I hear, or read about the Blood of Jesus, I feel itchy, stinky, disturbed. I don’t like blood, nor the smell, neither the taste, or the color. Do you? … Continue reading

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Can you get more money, just because you choose now it right?

I love a not-so-famous paradox (Newcomb’s paradox) which I think is related to the theory of compatibility between Free Will and Predestination. I strongly feel that a selective atonement or … Continue reading

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Hank paid it all

Hank yesterday taught me a lesson, a tough lesson which all these tv series, and cutie comedies are hiding from us all. “You’re the smartest guy I ever met and you’re … Continue reading

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